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Rocky Trail Stromlo Grand Prix

This post is going to try and tackle one of the great trailhead myths of mountain biking: that endurance races are slow deathmarches of attrition and boredom.  It’s been a common theme perpetuated by the XC riders who have been … Continue reading

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CORC Stromlo Twilight 3 Hour

I’m going to begin this post by suggesting that event promoters various (either private, or club-based) diversify their portfolios and branch into university administration.  Bike races are excellently run, while the university seems to revolve around sloth and administrative expediency! … Continue reading

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Back Yamma Bigfoot, and the Rules

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re aware that cycling is a bizarre offshoot of general human whackiness that defies most logic or rationality.  You’ll also be aware that it has certain unwritten rules of behaviour, style and attitude. Well, … Continue reading

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Shhh, be quiet, turn off that damn Facebook chat! Ok, have I got your attention? Good. This is a break from your regular programming of inane race reports or endorphin-loaded ride reports.  As with most breaks on television, it does … Continue reading

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