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2012 Appin Rock Wallaby

It seems that, of late, I am being spoiled by lots of “real” mountain biking on “real” mountain biking trails – which are, coincidentally, showing up a few holes in my handling skillz (or lack thereof).  After the bovine-inspired trails … Continue reading

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2012 Trek Superfly Elite and Superfly SS – Long(ish) Term Review(s)

I like the phrase “long-term review”, because its usage will vary drastically depending on the reviewer.  I’ve had the Superfly now for a good few months, but during that time, have tested it through all manner of nightmarish race scenarios … Continue reading

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Reasons to Ride Up Hills: The Kona Paterson 24 Hour

It is a fact universally acknowledged that riding up hills can often be quite strenuous, particularly if the hills are steep and loose. It is also a universally acknowledged fact that the Paterson Kona 24 Hour – a fantastic grass-roots 24 … Continue reading

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