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Cultural Degeneration and Endurance Racing – Chocolate Foot SRAM Singletrack Mind Round 2, Kowen

One of my enduring memories of my first 24 hour (apart from mud, walking everywhere, and the most pain I’ve ever experienced) is more an observation than a direct memory.  The observation was inspired by Dan Mackay, who put in … Continue reading

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Mad Love. One Love. MadOne love! – Trek Madone 5.2

It’s kind of customary for road bikes to have European names to invoke some kind of heritage dating back to the legends of the sport, braving the passes of the Alps on horrible steel fixies, and drugged up to their … Continue reading

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On Recovery: “It seemed like a good idea at the time”

Before Marathon Champs, Mr Jamie Bailey and I had discussed the prospect of a nice, casual CX ride the next day.  A public holiday with nice weather is far too good an opportunity to pass up! Jamie lives in North … Continue reading

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“Zero Carbon” Racing – the 2012 Australian Marathon Championships

One of the great ironies (and tragedies) of most recreational cyclists is that, while they radiate smugness about combating global warming and fighting the good fight on their bicycles, they’re rather fond of driving to bike races. Certainly, I’ve often … Continue reading

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