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Digging out of holes: Rocky Trail Grand Prix Round 3, Mt Annan

“Tell ’em what you did today, Sam.” (Sam grins with pride) “I dug a hole” Much like Sam from the Castle, I am rather good at digging holes.  Well, actually that’s a lie, I’m pretty much useless with a shovel. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Foot SRAM Singletrack Mind Round 3, Coondoo

It is a universally recognised fact that mountain bike racing is both a very serious business and almost entirely a physical, non-psychological sport.  Consequently, it is apparently necessary to engage in some psychological warfare in the week leading up to … Continue reading

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On Bike Lights.

There is a lot of hype about various LED bike lights around the place.  Beneath the hype, there are no clear and objective analyses of what is actually desirable in a bicycle light, and nothing to assist a buyer.  While … Continue reading

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