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Bike-packing myths and realities: Touring the Snowies and the Wicked Wombat

With the prospect of mandatory Christmas shutdowns comes the need to take a bit of a holiday.  Last year saw the Tassie Boys Tour de Tasmania – and this year saw the potential of a tour of the Snowy Mountains. … Continue reading

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Wicked Wombat 2013

When doing my first timsheet back at work this year, I may have entered New Year’s Eve as a public holiday rather than annual leave.  New Year’s Eve is universally associated with being a holiday of some sort, but there … Continue reading

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An Alpine Adventure, and the Wicked Wombat 8 Hour

With some time off over Christmas and the New Year, the little crazy voice inside my head was screaming “adventure! adventure!”.  Some emails later with Pete Lister, and some serious schemes were afoot for exploring the Snowy Mountains in summertime. … Continue reading

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The Best Slice of Life: SRAM Singletrack Mind Series Round 6

Somewhere during a practice lap with Callum the day before the final round of the Chocolate Foot SRAM Singletrack Mind Series Round 6 at Awaba (hereafter known as the race with too long a title), things started to get a … Continue reading

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SRAM Singletrack Mind Round 5

Like all good bike racing weekends, this race involved traveling with an excellent group of people to Rydal, camping out, and making a series of hilarious mistakes.  These included, in no particular order: Forgetting a marquee roof, and thus replacing … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Kittens – Choc Foot Awaba 8.25 hour

Before this race, COGS El Presidente and Supreme Commander Adam threw down the gauntlet to me in a big way: “For every minute Jason English takes on you, I will kill a kitten”. On Sunday, I was indirectly responsible for … Continue reading

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The best kind of madness: SRAM Singletrack Mind Round 6

Before the Scott 24 hour, Andrew Hall and I had laughed at our own madness for entering the 6th round of Chocolate Foot’s SRAM Singletrack Mind Series at Rydal, near Lithgow.  If 24h solo races don’t leave you limping with … Continue reading

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