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Riding Inspiration: The 2016 Scott 24 Hour

The 2016 Scott 24 hour rolled around as the 18th consecutive, and slated as the final in a long standing sequence of an incredible race.  Although I’d only partaken since 2007, the race (in its glory days) had drawn up … Continue reading

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Doublethink in Mountain Biking: Evocities Tamworth

IN 1948, a rather wise man who’d been down and out in Paris and London and fought in the Spanish Civil war penned a rather dystopian view of the future – this seminal work known simply as “1984”. His vision … Continue reading

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Bikepacking the Tumut 3 Hour

I have fond memories of the Tumut 3 hour.  The 2008 edition was one of my first ever mountain bike races, and I remember freezing rain, my back locking up, and a hypothermic drive home…. but all on awesome trails. … Continue reading

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The Otway 300

Big, back-country, beautiful. One interpretation of the mountain biking dream.  The idea of pushing yourself through stunning, diverse landscapes, through backcountry trails, fire-breaks, rail trails, singletrack, and every random interlinking odd-and-end between.  To roam the roads of our savage, beautiful … Continue reading

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The Four Laws of PedalDynamics: Wembo Rotorua

When studying the laws of thermodynamics, one quickly discovers there are three laws, plus a zeroth law.  The zeroth law was something of an afterthought, which somehow takes primacy over the remaining three laws.  This would seem somewhat illogical until … Continue reading

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Equilibrium: Chocolate Foot Singletrack Mind Round 3, Nowra

This blog post begins at the place of all great moments of epiphany, realisation and inspiration: The Toilet. The act of doing something daily, banal and almost unspeakably abhorrent seems fertile ground for moments of intellectual brilliance.  As this blog … Continue reading

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Riding through the Darkness: The Scott 24 Hour

When I first started this blog almost five years ago, I promised myself one thing: that it wouldn’t degenerate into a narrow, self-absorbed search for validation like so many athlete blogs invariably do. With this post, I’m shamelessly abandoning that … Continue reading

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