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A Wild Fling: the 2016 Highland Fling

It is a promising spring morning on the Highlands, and the early morning light is gathering around the edges of the horizon.¬† Birds sing lightly in anticipation of the jocund day. In the midst of this serenity resonates a single … Continue reading

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2013 Highland Fling

On Monday night, riding home from work through a dreary, grey rainy afternoon, the sound of bagpipes lifted gently over the bike path. Instantly, a chill of recollection and excitement passed through me – remembering the evocative resonance of bagpipes … Continue reading

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The (Imperial) Highland Fling

It was a cold and foggy morning on the Highlands. ¬†Across a peaceful grassy field, the fog was lounging about in an idle manner, slithering between the trees and falling softly on thousands of tents, and generally having a great … Continue reading

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