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Bike-packing myths and realities: Touring the Snowies and the Wicked Wombat

With the prospect of mandatory Christmas shutdowns comes the need to take a bit of a holiday.  Last year saw the Tassie Boys Tour de Tasmania – and this year saw the potential of a tour of the Snowy Mountains. … Continue reading

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Riding through the Darkness: The Scott 24 Hour

When I first started this blog almost five years ago, I promised myself one thing: that it wouldn’t degenerate into a narrow, self-absorbed search for validation like so many athlete blogs invariably do. With this post, I’m shamelessly abandoning that … Continue reading

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Glampacking: the Tumut 3 Hour

Over the past few years, various crazes have hit mountain biking, some with more permanence than others, some with a sublime sense of the ridiculous, and some rather divorced from the fun of riding a bike.  These include fat bikes, … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Mountain Biking: Singletrack Mind Round 1, Taree

I think Douglas Adams once summarised the evolution of human thought best with the following three-point description: – What shall I eat? – Why do I eat? – What time is dinner? This is a statement that all cyclists can empathise with – … Continue reading

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On Flow: Chocolate Foot Singletrack Mind Round 2, Nowra

Postmodernism is a topic usually reserved for latte-sipping academics, first years on an intellectual ego adventure and all other forms of pretentious humans.  It is thus surprising to write about it in a cycling blog.  Or indeed, to write about … Continue reading

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Introducing the Bontrager Tubeless Challenge.

There are several banes to the existence of every cyclist.  In no particular order, these include: Cars Pedestrians Horse riders Buses Snapped chains and, perhaps most commonly, flat tyres. As someone who likes to race bikes, I inevitably end up … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Rules: 2012 Back Yamma Bigfoot

The 2010 and 2011 Back Yamma Bigfoots quickly gained the race cult status.  Back Yamma is a unique, phenomenal race course that produces some of the most fun, flat-out XC racing imaginable on a mountain bike.  45km/h pacelines, 30km/h motorbike … Continue reading

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