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The Four Laws of PedalDynamics: Wembo Rotorua

When studying the laws of thermodynamics, one quickly discovers there are three laws, plus a zeroth law.  The zeroth law was something of an afterthought, which somehow takes primacy over the remaining three laws.  This would seem somewhat illogical until … Continue reading

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Riding through the Darkness: The Scott 24 Hour

When I first started this blog almost five years ago, I promised myself one thing: that it wouldn’t degenerate into a narrow, self-absorbed search for validation like so many athlete blogs invariably do. With this post, I’m shamelessly abandoning that … Continue reading

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One Gear, One Love: The Bec Parkes Story

I first met Bec Parkes properly at the Working Week Series 8 hour at Sparrow Hill on a freezing winter’s day.  Grinding up through some muddy singletrack, I saw Bec ahead of me.  As I was still at uni at … Continue reading

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